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Psychedelics saved our friend’s life. She had been contemplating suicide. Struggling with depression and anxiety all her life, and addiction for 20 years, her cocktail of psychiatric medications had failed her. With nowhere to turn, she heard whispers of new, cutting-edge research on psychedelic medicine.

The idea of microdosing magic mushrooms led to full doses, therapeutic doses, heroic doses, and more, as she was catapulted out of her depression and into an unexpected world of healing where plant medicines like psilocybin and iboga are quickly redefining our understanding of mental health and addiction.

Dosed is a documentary feature about a passionate group effort to raise awareness and save lives. When the film is released it will help millions of people worldwide. Click the button below to learn how you can help.

(Dosed was formerly titled Microdose Me).



Dosed will help millions of people worldwide and we need your help to reach everyone. In order for the film to go viral it all starts with you! Please share, like, follow, comment, share again, and AGAIN. There are lots of conversations happening on our Twitter, many photos being shared on Instagram, and our Facebook page is a great place for our community to have discussions about what’s working and what isn’t in the world of psychedelic healing – success stories, cautionary tales, and everything in between.

We also need to raise completion funds in order to share the best version of Dosed with the world! Fixed costs include marketing, film festivals, travel, editing, sound mix, color correction, graphics and titles, closed captioning and transcription, and many other items.

Please check out our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign page, where you’ll find lots of great info about the film as well as numerous exciting perks you can claim when you donate to this cause.

Indiegogo does not accept Paypal or Ethereum, so if you wish to purchase a perk with either of those methods of payment, please do so through this website right here (links below). Just make sure to let us know your contact details and what reward perk you are purchasing!

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